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Cyphon Virtual Machine

Interested in trying Cyphon? Download our virtual machine image, which boots up preconfigured with everything you need to get started.

If you are using Cyphon within a development or production environment, we recommend using Cyphondock, our Docker-based deployment.

Step 1: Download Cyphon OVA

Step 2: Deploy the VM

Choose your Virtual Machine Environment:

Step 3: Configure networking

If using VirtualBox, right-click on the imported, powered off VM and click on Settings -> Network. Ensure that the selected network adapter is set to Bridged Adapter.

If using VMware Workstation locally, refer to VMware's documentation for bridged networking.

Step 4: Log in to VM

Boot up the virtual machine and log in with these credentials:

Username: user
Password: P@$$w0rd123

The VM uses a Cyphondock deployment. For configuration details, see Cyphondock's documentation.

Step 5: Access Cyphon web interface

From the command line, find the IP address of the VM:

$ ifconfig eth0

Assuming you are using bridged networking, the Cyphon web interface should be accessible via the IP address printed by ifconfig, under inet addr.

Step 6: Log in to Cyphon

Log in to Cyphon with these credentials:

Password: P@$$w0rd123